Halloween 2019

Hello <3
My name is Nanako and I'm the biggest Halloween fan in the world! The only thing I like even more is candy!! But I'm too lazy to go outside and play "trick or treat". That's why I have something to offer to you:
You will go outside and collect candy for me and I'll give you other stuff in return ^^

Five pieces of candy are hidden in this "town" (= Happy Snowflake). To make sure you got the right ones, every piece comes with a question (just hover over it). And only the correct answers get you a reward :)

What are you waiting for? I'm hungry!!!

Candies are not hidden on game solutions, individual card pages or user profiles!
Please put in your answers (no spaces, no capital letters):

Answer 1:

Answer 2:

Answer 3:

Answer 4:

Answer 5:

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